How A Commercial Painter Keeps Your Daycare Looking Clean And Fresh

27 September 2017
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It doesn't take long for a daycare building to show signs of wear with all the activity that goes on every day. Walls show scuffs, smears, and stains, which makes the rooms seem drab and poorly maintained. You'll want to have your building cleaned daily and painted on a regular basis to keep it fresh and sanitary. A commercial painter can help you choose the ideal paints for use around kids and keep the walls in good shape with occasional touch-ups as well as whole-building painting. Read More …

How To Update Faux Wood Paneling And Make It Groovy Again

25 September 2017
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Faux wood paneling, a thin plywood made from vinyl, wood particles, and polyurethane, got popular in the 1970's as an inexpensive alternative to real wood. Like many home d├ęcor fads, it didn't last long. If you no longer find the retro walls 'groovy', you can still update them with paint, which is more cost-effective than replacement. Paint you faux wood panel walls by following this guide: Prepare to Paint the Paneling Read More …