How To Create Better Lines

How To Create Better Lines

26 October 2017
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DIY home painting is one of the most popular residential remodels. Homeowners are obviously attracted to cost effective home upgrades. Painting your own interior is definitely one of the cheapest way is to drastically alter its style. The great thing about interior painting is that you can walk into a home improvement store, get all your supplies, and start painting that very day. You don't really need any special tools or skills to paint interior surfaces, especially drywall. But, if you want your paint job to look a little more professional, there are a few things you should know. This article explains one special way to create cleaner edges when painting on interior drywall surfaces.

Using Painter's Tape

If you walk into a home improvement store, you will notice a huge section of painter's tapes. Painter's tape, is basically fancy, better masking tape. It has straight edges, and is usually a little thicker. Most painter's tape claim that they create a perfect seal on any surface. However, when you are working on a slightly porous material like drywall, even the best tape won't necessarily prevent bleeding. The tape might work well if you are masking off smooth surfaces like hardwood, but usually leaves behind a splotchy finish if you are taping directly on top of drywall.

Create Better Lines With Some Spackling Paste

Here is it extra step you can take to reinforce your tape and create better lines.  In addition to whatever painter's tape you decide on, you also need to invest in some lightweight spackling paste. Using a pair of latex gloves, spread the paste directly on top of the tape line. You want to spread the paste very thinly, and make sure that you don't actually change the texture of your walls. In fact, the paste might be nearly invisible by the time you wipe most of it away. What is important, is that the paste goes underneath the tape line and fills in any crevices. This is where the paint would eventually seep through. Now, when you actually paint, the tape lines will be perfectly sealed and you won't need to worry about any bleeds.

Creating perfect lines using this technique is definitely a worthwhile extra step. It might take some extra time, but your results will show. The lines are definitely the hardest part of the paint job, and if they look good, your entire paint jobs will look better. For more information, contact companies like A Blaze of Color LLC.