Three Reasons To Use A Licensed Contractor To Paint Your House

Three Reasons To Use A Licensed Contractor To Paint Your House

6 October 2017
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In general, a homeowner should avoid using an unlicensed contractor for work they need done to their property, but special attention should be given to a contractor that is painting your house. Unlicensed contractors are common with house painters, and they can be costly when using them. The following are three reasons to use a licensed contractor to paint your home.

Licensed contractors have liability coverage

Your homeowner's insurance won't cover damage to your property from an unlicensed contractor. Your policy likely states this clearly, but if you have any doubts, you can check this with your insurance agent. Contractors have their own liability insurance, but this is not likely the case with an unlicensed contractor. What this means to you as a property owner is that any damages that are done to your property by an uninsured painter will be paid from your own pocket.

Licensed contractors have workers' compensation

Businesses carry worker's compensation insurance in case their workers are injured during the course of doing their job. However, if you hire someone who is unlicensed, they are not likely to have this type of insurance. If they are hurt on your property, you may assume that your homeowner's policy will cover it as a personal injury. But when your insurance company finds out the injury took place while the individual was working, they may not cover the injuries. They may go so far as to claim that since you were employing the individual, you should have carried workers' compensation insurance. If the injury is severe enough, you could lose a lot of money paying for medical expenses.

Licensed contractors have the right equipment

There are many ways to paint a house, both inside and out. Which method to use will depend upon the house, and this will dictate the equipment to to use. Professional, licensed painters will have a full range of equipment on hand, so the right tools will be used for the right job. This will produce better workmanship and a higher quality finished product. In addition, they will have the right equipment to reach difficult places, and employ those who have the right training in safety. The job is done properly and will be guaranteed.

It is easy for individuals with some painting experience to have a ladder and basic painting equipment to offer you a low price, but this can come back to hurt you in the form of poor quality work or financial liability. All of this is avoided with a licensed contractor.