Three Southern-Inspired Paint Colors To Consider

Three Southern-Inspired Paint Colors To Consider

8 August 2023
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Whether you live in the South or have recently moved away from this part of the country but want to keep the region in mind, decorating your home with Southern-inspired decor can be a good idea. Beyond the decor itself, you may also wish to think about painting one or more rooms of the residence in colors that have a link to the south. There are many such colors available at your local paint store, and you can even talk to your painting contractor to get their opinion about what shades might work best in which rooms of your home. Here are three Southern-inspired paint colors to consider using.

Leather Brown

One color that may interest you is leather brown, which you can easily find at many paint stores. This color can have some different names, but it gets its moniker because of how closely it depicts the hue of leather. You might like this look if you lived on a farm or ranch in the South. You'll likely have memories of horse saddles, leather boots, and other leather products, and choosing this color of paint for an area of your home can bring back these fond memories. Leather brown has a warm appearance, making it suitable in bedrooms, home offices, and more.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is another color that people commonly associate with the South. This is a color that appears on some high-profile sports teams' uniforms in this part of the country. If you're a longtime fan of one of these franchises, you might like the idea of using this paint in your home. Even if you're not a sports fan, burnt orange paint may conjure up memories of watching the sunset over a large swath of land. You can use this warm paint color in your kitchen, TV room, and other parts of your home.


Another Southern-inspired paint color that you may wish to use in your home is called oyster. This paint color is gray but has brownish/greenish tones to it, which can make it a nice alternative to standard gray hues. Oysters are a big part of southern cuisine in many different areas of the south, which can make a room that is painted in this color provide fond memories of oceanside dining with friends. Talk to a local painting contractor about using one of these Southern-inspired paint colors in your home.

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