Addressing Common Challenges Of Painting A Home's Exterior

Addressing Common Challenges Of Painting A Home's Exterior

22 June 2023
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Painting the outside of a home is not easy. However, if you are comfortable on a ladder, can handle a paintbrush, and have plenty of time to spare, then you can generally tackle this project yourself if preferred. The key is knowing how to address various challenges that you might come up against in the process of painting. Below, take a look at some of those challenges and trips to address them.

Challenge #1: Your old paint is showing through.

This is a challenge you'll often encounter when trying to paint over a darker color using lighter paint. You might apply two or three coats, but still see the old color shining through in areas. The easiest solution is to use a primer all over the house before you apply the new paint. You do not always need to prime a surface when it has been previously painted, but this is a key example of a case in which using a primer is smart. The thicker the primer, the better it will cover. So, don't hesitate to spend a bit more on a high-quality primer in this case. Apply an ample coat, let it dry, and then apply your exterior paint.

Challenge #2: Your home's exterior is textured and you can't get paint into the crevices.

This happens a lot on older homes with aged wooden siding. If you use a paint roller with a longer nap, you will get better results. The nap will squish its way into those nooks and crannies, resulting in a more even paint job. You may also want to carry a brush around and use it to dab in the areas where the roller can't quite reach.

Challenge #3: The old paint is flaking off.

If the old paint is flaking off, which is common with aged paint, you will need to thoroughly scrape the home before you paint it. Otherwise, the old paint will still flake off, and just take the new paint with it. After you scrape, there will be a lot of exposed, "naked" material, which means you'll need to follow up with a good coat of primer before using your actual paint.

Now that you know how to address these three common challenges, you should be better prepared to paint the outside of your home and do a great job of it. Remember that if this seems like too much work, hiring a professional exterior painting service is also an option.