3 Places To Pay Special Attention To When Painting Your Office Building

3 Places To Pay Special Attention To When Painting Your Office Building

23 January 2023
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A newly constructed office building is usually just the perfect space to express your creativity and style. With a few coats of paint, you can create an office that stands out and reflects your business's personality.

However, before you start painting, certain areas of the building need extra attention for the project to be done right. Here are a few places to pay special attention to when painting your office building.

The Ceiling 

Painting the ceiling is often overlooked, but it's an important aspect of a building's overall look. Ceilings can often become dingy, yellowed, or discolored over time, especially in high-traffic areas such as lobbies and conference rooms. Some places with pipes or air ducts may also require special care and attention, with waterproofing paint to protect them from potential leaks.

Make sure to use the right type of paint and primer to ensure your ceiling will last and look great. Also, pick a color that matches the walls, complements them, and helps make the space look bigger. You can never go wrong with light colors, as they offer a sense of airiness and make the room appear bigger.

The Walls

Most commercial painters often recommend starting with the walls first. This is because they are typically the largest surface area and need to be done right for the entire project to look great. They also set the tone for the entire office, so make sure to pick a color that you can live with day in and day out.

When choosing a color, consider the type of lighting in the office space — too much light can make darker colors appear dull, while too little light can make lighter colors appear washed out.

Don't forget to check the walls for any imperfections before you start applying paint, as this can save you from having to do extra work later on. It is also important to choose a color that will contrast nicely with your furniture, decorations, and other elements in the room. A commercial painter can help you decide the best color for your office.

Windows, Door Frames, and Other Moldings

Windows, door frames, and other moldings are important details that should not be overlooked when painting the office. These elements create visual interest and add character to the space. So, how you paint these areas can make a big difference in the overall look of your office.

For example, it's best to choose a darker color for the door and window frames to make them stand out. You can also use metallic paint for added dimension or even a color that complements the walls. When it comes to other moldings, a neutral color is usually best, as it won't clash with any colors you have chosen for the walls or ceiling.

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