Damp Home? You May Need To Repaint It Soon

Damp Home? You May Need To Repaint It Soon

29 August 2022
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If your home's walls stay damp during the day, you may blame the issue on your cooling system or the weather. Although your cooling system can allow moisture to build up in your home, so can your walls. Your walls may need a fresh coat of paint soon. Learn why your walls stay damp and how a fresh coat of paint may help keep them dry below.

Why Are Your Walls Damp?

You walls help bear the weight of your entire home. Your walls also keep the elements out of your home during the year. Although you rely on your home's walls for many things, the structures can experience some problems over time. Dampness is one of the things your walls may encounter over time. 

A number of things can make your walls look and feel damp during the day, including high humidity. Your home's AC should remove most of the moisture from your house during the day. However, some moisture can still lurk in your home. The moisture can settle on the surfaces of your walls and make them wet. If the paint on your walls is old and dry, the dampness may cause it to peel or pull away from the walls. 

Moisture can build up behind your old paint and cause mold to grow on your walls. If mold grows behind your paint, it may spread to the empty spaces between your walls. You want to protect your walls and home by repainting your walls. 

Who Can Paint Your House? 

First, call a residential painter and ask them to evaluate the paint on your walls. A painter can determine whether or not your walls require a fresh coat of paint or something else. If your wall paint bubbles, peels, or pulls away from your walls, it may be time to repaint.

A painter will remove all of the crumbled and dried paint from your walls. If a painter discovers mold behind your old paint, they'll inform you about the fungus immediately. You can hire someone to remove the mold for you. Some painting companies specialize in mold removal. So don't hesitate to ask a painting contractor if they remove mold as well.

After a painter takes care of your old paint, they apply fresh coats of new paint to your walls. A contractor may cover your walls with moisture-resistant paint. The paint helps keep walls dry during humid or damp conditions.

If you need help painting your damp walls, contact a local company today, like Diamond Painting.