What To Expect When Hiring A Painter For Your Home

What To Expect When Hiring A Painter For Your Home

15 July 2022
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Painting your house is a normal part of maintaining the interior and exterior of the home. The home's exterior will need painting more often, but eventually, you may find yourself looking for a residential painting company to help you bring some color back to your home.

Exterior Painting 

When it is time to apply new paint to your home's exterior, deciding if you will do the painting yourself or if you will hire a residential painting contractor is the first step. For most people, the exterior painting is the most difficult to deal with because it means working around bushes, trees, and flower beds, and often requires equipment like a tall ladder to reach the peak of the house. 

When you hire a painting contractor for the job, they will prep the house for you, cover all your plants and bushes near the home, and bring all the equipment to do the job correctly. You still get to pick the paint color you like and have the trim or other parts of the house painted to offset the main color, but you don't have to spend the day on the ladder scraping loose paint off the house first. 

Professional painters can recommend a high-quality exterior paint that they use regularly and help you decide what to do with the trim, shutters, and doors. What you have painted and what colors you choose are always up to you. However, the residential painting contractor may have some experience with colors that don't look great after they dry or are harder to apply over the existing paint and may cost more because of the additional materials required. 

Interior Painting

Painting inside your home is a great way to add some color or a fresh look to the house. Often, using several contrasting colors in one room can look nice, and most residential painting services can handle the job for you, saving you time, prep, and cleanup. 

Don't forget to consider the ceilings when painting inside the house. Even if you have the contractor reapply the same color on the ceilings, a fresh coat can make them look much better and cover any scratches or stains you may have.

Before starting the painting project in your home, have the residential painting contractor go over each room with you. If there is damage that needs repairing, the contractor needs to know so they can plan some time into the project to patch holes or fill dents in the wall.

The repairs will typically happen a few days before the painting starts so that any spackle or joint compound used in the process can dry completely. If no repairs are needed, the painting contractor will bring in a crew, and the entire house can often be painted in a few days. 

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