What Do Your Commercial Interior Paint Colors Say About Your Brand?

What Do Your Commercial Interior Paint Colors Say About Your Brand?

21 October 2020
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One of the basic yet the most effective ways to communicate about your brand is by the use of colors. The psychology of color in business investments is so important that many brands hire brand strategists to help them decide what colors will effectively tell their company's story. At the basic level, decisions on colors affect your logos, brand manuals, documents, and branded items you send to your customers and prospective clients. At a deeper level, you may even have to apply the color to your office premises.

If you are planning to rebrand, or you just acquired new business premises, you should hire competent commercial painters to translate the story told by your brand colors into your office space. Here is what you need to know about the major color palettes, what they say about your brand, and why you should insist on professional painters.

When To Choose The Neutral And Subdued Color Schemes

Neutral and subdued color schemes include white, cream, gray, black, and other earthy tones. These color schemes are perfect for places where the building itself is not meant to be the star of the show but what is contained in it. For example, if you are setting up a showroom for luxury cars, you want the prospective buyer to notice the vehicles, not the showroom walls.

By keeping the walls subdued, you focus attention on the vehicles. Neutral colors also work well in boutiques.

When To Go For Bright and Bold Interiors

Bright colors are perfect when you want to create a fun and artsy office space for employees and clients. If you work in fashion and design, creative art, music, interior décor, event planning, and other areas that need employees to harness into their playfulness and vibrant energy, these are the ideal colors.

A professional commercial painter can help you do some color blocking to create the ideal office space. In addition to picking colors, they might also guide you on how to play with texture to achieve a creative indoor space.

When To Go For Plain Black And White

Black speaks of elegance and power as a brand color. White, on the other hand, speaks of a sleek, executive experience. Black and white are ideal for executive services such as brand management, talent management, and related services.

These are ideas that will only come to life when implemented by a competent commercial painting company. Choose a trusted company to help you transform your office interiors and create a perfect atmosphere for your employees and clients. Contact a commercial interior painting service for more information.