Are You Redoing Your Dining Room?

Are You Redoing Your Dining Room?

16 May 2019
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Up till now, have you been using hand-me-down furniture in your dining room? Maybe you have tried to make do with something like patio furniture just so the dining room won't be empty. And, it's possible that the wall treatment needs to be redone too. For example, maybe you bought a previously owned home, so there is outdated wallpaper on the walls. From selecting new dining room furniture to arranging for commercial painting services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Shop for New Furniture First

Even before you arrange for commercial painting services, consider selecting your new dining room furniture. Think about it. If you were to have the walls painted in one specific color and then the furniture you found had upholstery that would clash with the color on your walls, you'd be disappointed. 

Before you shop for new furniture, think of the mood that you want to establish in your dining room. For example, if you want a truly elegant look, consider looking for formal furniture in an antique store. If you want a contemporary look, think of shopping at a store that sells modern furniture. Maybe you want to establish a casual country look. In that case, consider buying a wooden table and then selecting mismatched wooden ladder-back chairs. 

Arrange for Commercial Painting Services

Once you have selected the furniture for your dining room, the next step is probably having the walls painted. This is when you'll be really glad that you chose your dining room furniture first. For example, if you went with contemporary gray metal furniture, you might want a bright paint color to add pizzaz to the dining room.

If you chose elegant antique furniture that has upholstery with a paisley pattern, choose a color in the design that you like best and use it for the paint color. Maybe you went with a country look. If so, think of choosing the colors of nature for your wall paint. Light yellow, light ochre, pale blue, and off-white are all good choices.

Professional painters will have the knowledge and the experience to help you to select the kind of paint that will last for a long time. In addition, the painters might recommend a paint that wipes off easily. Long-lasting paint that is also easy to maintain might be a bit more expensive than regular paint, but you'll probably find that it is money well spent. Reach out to a commercial painting service, like Trend, for more information.