Are You Decorating Your Dining Room?

Are You Decorating Your Dining Room?

16 November 2018
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Are you decorating your dining room before the holidays arrive? If so, you are probably hustling to get the job done before an event you might be hosting or before out-of-town guests arrive. From contacting a paint company to selecting accent pieces for your dining room, here are some ideas that might help you to create an attractive room that your family and friends will enjoy during the holidays and for many years to come.

Arrange For Paint Services - A good place to start your dining room decorating project is by contacting a paint company so that the wall paint will be dry and ready for things like paintings to be hung. By having the walls painted first, you also won't run the risk of having a new area rug damaged. However, if there is already carpet in your dining room, the painters will be very careful not to damage your floor.

Have you decided already on the color of paint you want? If not, the painters will have a huge selection for you. Say you're wanting a dramatic look in your dining room. If that's the case, the painters might suggest a bold color, maybe even brick red on at least one of the dining room walls. If you want something more subtle for your wall paint, you can still get that in your favorite color. For instance, if you favorite color is purple, the painter will show you paints that have only a hint of purple in them. Then you can use purple in some of your accent pieces. 

For something really unique, consider faux painting the dining room walls. The paint company will more than likely have an expert that is known to give walls the look of marble for a very formal look or the look of leather for a casual setting.

The Accent Pieces - Have you already selected the furniture for your dining room? If not, consider doing that first. Then it will be easier to select the accent design pieces. For example, if your went with a metal table and chairs for a contemporary look, think of buying prints of places you love and placing them in sleek metal frames. If you love to travel, for instance, you could frame posters of places you've been or places you'd like to visit. If you have selected a more traditional and elegant look, go with any paintings you love, and select heavy gold frames that will add formality to your dining room.