Paint Or Replace Your Trim

Paint Or Replace Your Trim

27 August 2018
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When you have to paint the inside of your home, it involves doing much more than just putting paint on the walls. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of an interior paint job is figuring out what to do about the molding and trim. Usually, when you paint your walls, you want to, at the very least, also paint your trim. Some people smartly go a step further and actually replace their trim during the process of painting the walls.

Either way, there are some important logistical issues you need to sort out before you can paint around your trim. This article explains the pros and cons of replacing and painting your trim.

Replacing Your Trim

If there is ever a time to replace the trim inside your home, it is definitely while you are painting the walls. You can remove the trim from the walls, and then paint along the edges with more ease and speed. That is, you don't need to do a bunch of slow taping off and cutting in around the edges to avoid getting paint on the trim. Then, when you actually install the new trim, you will cover the uneven paint edges, and everything will look perfect.

Painting Trim

The convenient thing about installing new trim is that you can paint it before you put it on your walls. So, you can paint it outside before you install it. When you actually paint trim that is still attached to the walls, it often can be quite awkward because you are painting right along the corners and down on the floor. This can be very exhausting painting. Another difficult thing is that trim is usually made out of a smooth hardwood or fiberboard. This smooth and hard surface is not that easy to paint without leaving behind clumpy paint and brush strokes. Basically, it isn't always easy to repaint trim or to make it look great.

When you paint a new piece of trim, you can spray it so that it looks much smoother and cleaner. Basically, if you decide to leave your trim on the walls and repaint it, it isn't going to look as good as installing a new product.

Of course, many people are also happy to install a new trim product that looks more modern. Trim is a decorative feature that can, like pretty much any design feature in a home, look out-dated once it gets to a certain age. For more information, contact a company like Walls-N-All Painting.