The Best Paint Sheen For Each Room

The Best Paint Sheen For Each Room

26 April 2018
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An interior paint job, though simple and affordable, can have an extremely big affect on how a room looks. Surprisingly, even just repainting your walls the same color that they already are can restore the style and make the entire room look much newer. The great thing about a paint job is that it makes everything else around it also look better. For instance, a bright new coat of paint can breathe new life into your flooring. Basically, updating your paint, particularly if you change the color, is one of the cheapest and most worthwhile home improvements. If you are going to repaint some of your interior rooms, you need to make sure you choose the right type of paint. This article suggests the best type of paint to use in every individual room.

Bedrooms and Living Rooms

In most bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways throughout your house, you can simply use flat paint. Flat, matte, or low-gloss paint (regardless of what the manufacturers call it) has the most natural and subtle-looking finish. Style wise, it is what most homeowners prefer throughout the majority of their house. Flat paints are the most common and most affordable.

While flat paints are the most liked, they do have a few disadvantages. First of all, since they are more porous and the paint is thinner, they get dirty more easily. The flat paint does not offer as much protection to your walls. But, since walls don't always get dirty, they work fine in most rooms. However, there are some rooms were you will need some more protection.

Kitchen and Children's Rooms

When it comes to kitchens and children's bedrooms, you should think about applying a semi-gloss paint. A semi-gloss paint has a little more latex in it. This creates a little bit of a shinier finish, but it is not over the top. The subtle shine is actually very useful. A semi-gloss paint is going to be more protective and easier to clean. Since it is smoother, dirt stains and finger smudges can be easily wiped away. With all of the moisture and cooking grease in the kitchen and the dirty hands of children, semi-gloss paint is perfect for kitchens and some bedrooms.


Glossy paint is the shiniest of the three options. It is also the thickest and most protective. Because of this, you should use glossy paint in bathrooms. The intense moisture created by a hot shower or bath can be seriously deteriorating to a drywall surface. Covering drywall with a glossy paint will protect it from moisture.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference in each room. Some people prefer the shiny finish of glossy paints and like having them throughout more rooms in the house.

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