Tips For Painting Your Dental Office To Keep It Clean And Fresh

Tips For Painting Your Dental Office To Keep It Clean And Fresh

12 March 2018
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Keeping your dental office in immaculate shape helps foster confidence in your patients. Your patients might be leery of you if there is peeling paint or dirty walls. Since patients tend to be anxious while in the dental chair or in the waiting room, your walls may get more scrutiny than walls in other types of commercial buildings. Here are some tips for choosing new paint and hiring commercial painters to apply it.

Select Paint Colors To Match Your Clients

It's hard to go wrong when you stick with neutral colors since they have broad appeal, however, you may also want to target your color selection to the clients you serve. If most of your patients are children, then primary or bold colors might be a good idea, especially in the waiting room. These colors appeal to children, and since kids are used to seeing them on toys and in daycare centers and schools, they are familiar colors, and that could be relaxing. Bright blue and red might not be appropriate for an adult-care office though. If you have an upscale cosmetic dentistry practice, then you may want colors and décor that hint at luxury and pampering.

By matching colors to your target audience, you can help them feel more relaxed as soon as they enter your office. You may need to give special thought to how you'll decorate your treatment rooms too since the patients will be staring at the walls and ceilings for longer periods of time and be even more anxious and nervous. Soothing colors with muted tones, rather than bold colors, could be better in these rooms.

Choose Paint With Low Gloss

The type of paint applied has a large effect on the appearance of the walls. You may want a semi-gloss or satin paint so the surface isn't too shiny, yet it will be easy to wipe clean if necessary. Glossy paint can show bumps and other problems with the walls more easily since it reflects light, but it could be a good choice in a waiting room for children since the paint will make the room brighter, and being glossy, it will be easy to wash and keep clean. Your painter will help you choose the right type of paint for your dentist office so the results have a professional appearance. Choosing a quality brand is important too, so the coverage is excellent and the paint lasts as long as possible.

Refresh The Paint When Needed

It's difficult to estimate how often you should paint your dental office because a lot depends on how busy it is and the type of wear it receives. A pediatric practice might need the waiting room painted more often than an adult practice. In general, waiting rooms will need more care than individual treatment rooms that may go longer between fresh paint. A commercial painter will try to work around your business hours so the work can be done with minimal disruption.

Painting the walls inside and outside requires careful cleaning and prep work first, so it is difficult to work around clients and small children. Although it may be challenging to fit a new paint job into your schedule, it is worth it to keep your building clean and fresh so your patients are kept at ease. 

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