Choosing Paint Colors That Will Help Sell Your Home

Choosing Paint Colors That Will Help Sell Your Home

13 December 2017
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If you've been thinking about putting your house on the market, one of the things your real estate agent has probably told you is that you should repaint. But, what if you're not sure what colors you should choose? The fact is, there are certain colors that are more prospective-buyer-friendly than others. Before you choose a poor color for your interior or exterior paint, here are some things that you should know:

Neutrals Are Key

When you're choosing paint colors for your home, remember that most potential buyers will have an easier time envisioning themselves in the home if the paint colors are neutral. That way, you don't risk having a really bold or unusual color be off-putting to someone who otherwise loves the house. Sure, buyers are more concerned about the structure and the features, but the way the home looks is the first thing they're going to notice, and it could directly affect their perception of everything else.

Choosing An Exterior Color

If you want to boost your home's curb appeal, you can give it a fresh coat of exterior paint. It will freshen up the whole outside of the house, and it may help to encourage prospective buyers to want to view your home.

If you choose white for your exterior color, it will not only brighten things up, but it will actually give your home the perception of being larger. Your home will look clean, and you can accent it with any color of your choice for the trim.

Beige, on the other hand, is a bit more understated, but still well-received. It's a softer, more neutral color, and it helps your home and landscape appear more cohesive. You can offset beige with any kind of bright color for the trim, but earthy colors, blues, and reds will look best.

Selecting Interior Colors

Choosing your interior paint colors is a bit more complicated. You can simplify it if you paint every room in the house with an off-white or beige paint, but if you want to set the rooms apart, there are a few things to think about.

Avoid bright white for all of the walls. If you paint an entire room bright white, it takes a lot of the general ambiance away. The room will have a sterilized appearance, which can turn buyers off. Instead, choose warm colors, such as a variety of earth tones. These will make the rooms feel more homey and inviting. Choose base colors in shades of green, tan, or brown and then accent them with deep reds or oranges for a warm glow. For more information, contact local painting services.