Choosing The Best Paint Gloss

Choosing The Best Paint Gloss

20 November 2017
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If you want to change the entire field in style of a room without spending a ton of money, a simple paint job is the first place to begin. Interior painting is one of the most popular remodels because it is manageable, doesn't necessitate special tools, and it is very affordable. When remodeling painting the inside of your home, you need to use different types of paint for different rooms. Importantly, you need to make sure that the gloss is appropriate for every room in your house. This article explains the main differences between high gloss paint, low gloss paint, and everything in between.

Most interior paints are latex based. These are less toxic than lead or oil based paint. They are also lighter, thinner, and easier to paint with because they aren't as messy. This also means they aren't as protective for your walls. Because of this, it is always a good idea to prime your walls before you paint them, no matter what type of paint you are going to use.

Low Gloss Paint

Primer is particularly important when you are using low gloss paint. Most people will prefer the look of low gloss paint in most of their rooms. Even though it is the least protective and most likely to get dirty, the low sheen makes your walls look more natural. Generally, a shiny wall can look more industrial and modern. However, a low gloss paint finish is going to blend more naturally with wooden furniture, fabrics, and most design features in your rooms. There is less glare from your ceiling lights when you use low gloss paint.

High Gloss Paint

When it comes to painting your bathrooms and kitchens, you want to use a high gloss paint. In your bathroom, a straight high gloss paint is necessary to protect from all the moisture. In your kitchen, where there is often moisture, but not as much is the bathroom, you can probably step down to a satin paint. Satin is basically right in between low glass and high gloss. It has a slight sheen which protects from moisture it is easier to clean than a low gloss paint. But, the sheen is not too strong.

Basically, you can go room by room and decide which gloss level is appropriate. When you paint all of your rooms the same colors, but use different gloss, the difference will hardly be noticeable. Contact a company, like Decorators Service Co., Inc., for more help.