How A Commercial Painter Keeps Your Daycare Looking Clean And Fresh

How A Commercial Painter Keeps Your Daycare Looking Clean And Fresh

27 September 2017
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It doesn't take long for a daycare building to show signs of wear with all the activity that goes on every day. Walls show scuffs, smears, and stains, which makes the rooms seem drab and poorly maintained. You'll want to have your building cleaned daily and painted on a regular basis to keep it fresh and sanitary. A commercial painter can help you choose the ideal paints for use around kids and keep the walls in good shape with occasional touch-ups as well as whole-building painting. These are some services your painter may provide.

Choosing Kid-Friendly Paint

The right kind of paint is always important no matter where it is being applied. However, when the building is made for kids, you have some special considerations to keep in mind. You want paint that is safe for kids and that doesn't emit toxic fumes or contain harmful metals or chemicals. The paint should be fast-drying so you aren't inconvenienced longer than necessary. You'll also have to choose the type of paint such as a glossy or flat variety.

Glossy is often best around kids since it can be wiped clean more easily. However, it tends to show imperfections in the walls, so that's one reason you want an experienced commercial painter to apply it. Finally, choosing the right colors for your daycare is important too. Kids seem to like bright primary colors, but you may want softer colors in nap rooms and office areas. Your painter can help you choose the right combination of colors that make your building more welcoming for kids and also makes a good impression on the parents.

Cleaning Before Painting

Walls need to be thoroughly cleaned before they are painted or dust and dirt may show through the new paint. Dusty walls can affect the texture of the new paint too. Walls need to be washed down and stains should be removed or covered. Your painter should also search for cracks and dents that need to be filled in as these may be highly visible with clean paint. Prepping surfaces before painting is a critical and time-consuming part of doing the job, and it has to be done right for the best results.

Working Around Your Schedule

You probably don't want the painter in your building during the busiest hours of the day. A commercial painting service is usually agreeable to working odd hours so your daycare won't be interrupted. If you are open very late, you may need to move kids into different rooms while other rooms are being worked on, or the painter may come when the building is empty. In either case, the painter should leave a completed room clean, free from supplies, and ready for you to use without worry of the kids getting into paint or other materials. Your painter may even move tables, chairs, and bookshelves to other rooms as they work and replace them when finished to save you from the need to pull staff from more important jobs.

Since you'll be enrolling kids in your daycare on a continual basis and striving to keep your current families happy, you'll want to keep your building as clean as possible. A clean building with fresh paint shows you care about your business and it helps parents have more confidence that their kids will be safe and happy in your care. Although painting a daycare can be an inconvenience you may rather put off, it will pay off by keeping your parents happy and making your building look well-cared for.

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